Our products

Our products

We , Fiori shirting have been operating in Turkish Textile industry since 1995 . We produce and export woven outwear for
Men , Ladies and Children with our experienced production and sales team.

Men's Shirt

Today shirt is a kind of clothing that men can not give up. In particular, the reasons for preferring working shirts are to express formalities.

Women's Shirt

One of the few things that never happened before is the ladies' shirt. A woman's expression on the face expresses the style of the shirt she wears.

Kids Shirt

We  are  here  to  offer  the  most  ideal  and  healthy  products  for  our  children,  our  most  precious  assets  in  the  world.


Fabrika: Aykosan sanayi sitesi 2. Kısım 16 A blok Memet kaban iş merkezi 3. Kat no:1/1

İkitelli Başakşehir istanbul


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